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Why Pest 24 Seven?

Our Adelaide termite control makes you fully conversant with the situation of the property with complete photographic documentation of all flaws. Our professionals use specialized equipment and tools such as Tramex moisture encounter plus. This equipment is helpful in analyzing salt damp and other water related issues to stone, brick, and gyprock/plaster walls assisting detect leaking roofs to bathrooms to very basic but easily missed flaws. To exclusively back this up, we also use the Termatrac T3I which generally confirms findings of the Tramex.

In Adelaide, a combined timber pest inspection and building inspection is our prime report and is the economical way to go when attaining pre-purchase information. This is a different building report and another timber controlreport in accordance with AS 4349.3 2010 and AS 4349.1 2007. We will assist you with one of the most professional termite treatment and inspection services in Adelaide.

Our Approach
Adelaide property and building inspections show complete photographic evidence of our data with thorough descriptions so that you are exclusively in a position to make an informed decision on your investment. When you have received your informed reports, we are more than satisfied to exclusively brief you through them.

Feel free to seek our assistance if you desire an inspection further out of Adelaide, specifically the hills. We provide Building Inspections in Adelaide and suburbs from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm.


We aim at using the knowledge and experience that we have acquired in helping people get rid of pest, termites from their property.







Our Experience

Roger has been exclusively involved in pest management and pest inspection for over thirty years, with vast knowledge and experience, including and specialising in subfloor ventilation, termite control, and timber repair.

He has completed diploma of building construction and is deemed an expert in termite control by his insurance company, which exclusively allows him to network with members' areas of proficiency should the need arise. He is definitely a qualified Adelaide building inspector.

His wife and business partner Michelle has spent several years working for the federal government as an inspector approving childcare facilities to stringent security standards her eye for detail is a complete asset to this influential duo. As operators and owners of the business, they take their services seriously and are registered with the Pre-Purchase Inspectors National Registry.