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How Complete Pest Control termite inspections work

Termite inspection is very important because this is about finding the insects that destroy wood and stays hidden in various unnoticeable corners of the property. Our inspectors will check every part of the property starting from basements, crawlspaces, sub-spaces and every interior and exterior part of the house. After the inspection has been done, the report is made based on the findings and presented to the client. However, it takes around 40 to 45 minutes to inspect a property. In reality, the average time required for pest inspection actually depends on the size of the property.

The Allstate Termite Inspection Service

Our Termite Technician use their experience and the on-going professional training we provide to carry out the most comprehensive inspection. While every home and property is unique we have a developed a set checklist ensuring nothing is missed, before starting the inspection our Technician will talk you through the process.

Interior – each room within the interior is checked top to bottom including doorframes, skirting boards, cupboards, floor surfaces and wall surfaces using a moisture metre, sounding tool and screwdriver.

Roof void – where possible we gain access to the roof void thoroughly checking over the timbers using sounding tool and screwdriver.

Subfloor – where present we highly recommend inspection of the subfloor spaces, most termite attack starts in homes and properties with subfloors. Access is gained by either cutting traps into the floor or by using our Borescope Technology to check for signs of termite entry.